Vote box Greg Beattie
Independent senate candidate for Qld 2016


Why am I doing this?

One of the latest examples of the people of Australia being let down was the senate inquiry into No Jab No Pay, last year.

The response to the inquiry was unprecedented, with thousands of submissions leading to a collapse of the parliament's web servers. The senate was able to publish only a small sample, but acknowledged that nearly all were opposed to the bill.

Despite this the bill was passed without even one opposing voice!

This was a blatant example of the will of the people being expressed loud and clear, but being ignored — a vivid display of the fundamental flaw in our democracy.

Party politics must not be tolerated any longer. I want my grandchildren to inherit a fairer Australia than we find today—a democracy in which they actually have a say.

Why am I the best person to roll out this system?

As an independent, I'm beholden to no one other than the people of Queensland.

I give you my undertaking that even if I disagree with you I will still do your will in parliament.

I'm a well-known advocate for freedom of choice on health issues, and have testified at Commission hearings and public inquiries at federal and state levels.

Over the years I have fiercely defended Australians against forced vaccination policies. I'm a past president of the former Australian Vaccination Network. I took up the position during a period when it was probably the most attacked and vilified legally constituted association in Australia. The attacks came from all angles, including various arms of government, and even parliament. But behind them all was an apparently well-funded interest group.

If you do an internet search of my name you’ll find several articles and comments written by those attackers. For the real picture of my views about vaccination, visit my website:

In short, I’m used to stepping up to the plate in the face of well-organised hostility and opposition.

Apart from that, I’m an ordinary Australian. I have children and grandchildren. I’ve worked at many jobs in both government and private enterprise. I’ve also spent a long time self-employed. Data analysis is my forte along with a background in IT. I’m also a musician and a writer.

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