Vote box Greg Beattie
Independent senate candidate for Qld 2016



We need to tell our elected representatives what our will is. 

What I'll do

I will determine the will of the people on every bill that comes before the Senate. This is the 21st century and we have the technology! It will be a simple web-based system where you can instruct your representatives on each issue.

Now here's the important part: I will deliver your instructions to your elected representatives. I'll collate them, publish the results, and table them before parliament votes. And I'll remind your representatives of their duty to follow them. 

This is where the real power of the system lies. Together we can hold our representatives to account. We can demand explanations. Public pressure is a huge stick. Ultimately we can replace them at the next election with one who will pledge to follow our will.

But there's more to the plan. A true democracy isn't complete without fair and open discussion on every issue. My system will provide just that. Every issue will have the competing arguments laid out for all to see, in a fair and equitable manner. And there'll be ample opportunity for you to question and discuss.

What’s your job?

At this stage, just vote me into the senate on July 2. You MUST vote BELOW THE LINE! And you must put me first, followed by other independents and minor parties.

(It’s very easy to vote below the line now. You’ll be told that you only have to number at least 12 candidates, and it's best to do so because there are 12 vacancies in Queensland. But as long as you number at least the first 6 candidates your vote will be considered formal. That makes it practically as easy as voting above the line!)

Once I'm in, watch this space. As soon as the system is up I want you to participate.

Together we can take back the power from the various corporate and other interests behind the major parties, and give it back to the people.

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