Vote box Greg Beattie
Independent senate candidate for Qld 2016

We’re a democracy, right?

No. We miss the target by quite a stretch, really. 

You’ve heard of government by the people, for the people.

Unfortunately we have government by an elite, for that elite.

The people — the heart of democracy — are out of the picture. And this is only made possible by the party political system. The major parties are beholden to the corporate interests, donors, lobbyists, and other groups that stand to benefit from the decisions made by our parliament.

We’re a quasi-democracy. In essence, an elite group of dictators runs the country via the major parties. The only democratic part is that every three years we get to elect a new group of dictators. So we get the warm and fuzzy feeling that we have a say. 

Our elected representatives are supposed to continuously seek our instructions. But those from the major parties follow the instructions of their leaders, with the strictest of discipline. There's only one reason they get away with this. It's because we failed to give them clear instructions.

There is a very simple solution.