Vote box Greg Beattie
Independent senate candidate for Qld 2016

What are my policies?
I have strong views on a range of issues. But the truth is it's your views that matter most. I'm one of 3 million voters in Queensland, and that's the extent to which my views matter.

The only policy that an elected representative should have at the outset is to carry out your instructions.

Unfortunately that's not what happens in practice.

Election candidates and their parties normally outline their policies in the form of promises. The promises are designed to catch your vote. After that, almost all votes in parliament are cast along party lines, for the benefit of party backers.

My competitors will claim that I have no policies on anything. But don't be fooled. That’s how it should be. How can I stand on a platform of viewpoints if I’m supposed to be representing yours?

I have one policy: to determine your will and see that it's done. I've already outlined how I'll do that.

Why don't you ask the other candidates how they intend to do it? You’ll soon see that many are not actually interested in your wishes. They have parties to obey. And those parties have donors and other interest groups to keep happy. You’re out of the picture, sorry.

I will put you back in the picture — in the leading role!

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